Having outdated marketing materials is something no university wants. Higher education is changing every day, and fewer young people are enrolling in college out of high school, but many are moving on to obtain a graduate degree to have an advantage over their colleagues. Union’s booklet only contained information about the doctoral program, and had information on two doctoral level programs that were no longer actively enrolling students, but no information about the Master’s Program. This booklet was in dire need of an update.
Besides updating the language, the graduate booklet needed to fit in with the rest of the collateral I had created. It needed to be visually compelling and give a potential student the basic information to decide if they wanted to get more information. One major challenge was adding the Master’s program information without drastically increasing the page count. I worked with the director of marketing and director of enrollment to determine what information needed to be included in the book.​​​​​​​
The process for this booklet was very purposeful. I created the storyboard for the booklet, and the director of Marketing (DOM) and I worked together to makes changes to the storyboard and the content to what made the most sense for this piece. I then created several drafts, working with the DOM, faculty members, registrar’s office, and the Institutional Effectiveness team to ensure that all information was correct, and all required info was included. There was the additional challenge of making a digital version, reworking several layouts, adding links, and optimizing the booklet for easy access on Issuu.com. After several rounds of edits and additions, the Union team created a booklet that would show off our graduate programs while being informative, and even showing off a bit of Union’s culture as well.
The booklet has been widely distributed, with Union running out of every copy in less than a year! The feedback received was very positive, and Union was glad to have an updated booklet that was informative and attractive.
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