Before becoming a graphic designer, I worked retail, and even before that, I went to college for photography. After earning my degree in photography, I stayed in the city that I went to school in and continued to work my way up the ladder in retail, ultimately becoming a store manager. When I realized that I wanted to do something that was more creative and more satisfying, I researched fields with which I could apply my photography skills, and found graphic design. After 5 years of non-degree related work, I returned to school to earn my degree in graphic design, then found a very informative job working in events marketing. I eventually moved on to higher education, where I grew into a leadership role, taking on the mantle of Creative Services Manager. With my prior management experience in retail and the discipline it took to go back to school at a later age, I have developed a unique set of skills that allow me to work with plenty of different types of people in forever changing situations.
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