Infographics have become a popular way to share information with an audience that collectively has decreasing attention spans. The saying goes “No one reads anymore,” so an infographic is the perfect eye-catching way to share valuable information. This series was used in a presentation to a client, showing the state of the courier business and why this courier client needed a rebrand and a new marketing strategy.
The original presentation was simply slide after slide of text, with clip art plastered here and there. Upon seeing this, the creative director and I determined that there needed to be more intriguing graphics and text layouts, rather than just bulleted lists and tables. The first challenge was deciding which slides to turn into graphics and which slides to pare down without graphics. Some of the slides had redundant information, which had to be trimmed, and some slides didn’t have enough information, which needed to be researched and expanded upon. After days of determining what information will be turned into graphics, I began breaking down those pieces of information into what needed to be shown and what needed to be summarized. Using icons and textures became a theme throughout this series, as icons are easily recognized and patterns help create visual interest to keep the client engaged. The colors used are the branding colors of the agency creating the presentation, and some of the icons and elements were repeated throughout the entire series.

Creating a series of infographics greatly challenged our team. Using simple, one-color icons and shapes to represent complex ideas and thoughts allowed me to use more creative and out-of-the-box thinking. The creative director and I struggled with some aspects of the series, but worked together to create a solution that worked for the marketing team. The infographics challenged the way I think and allowed me to change the way I see a company and their assets.
Finessing this presentation allowed the presenter to keep the client much more engaged in the process; it allowed the agency to work with this client on a new marketing strategy. The client was thrilled that we had all taken the time to research and understand their business, which gave them the confidence to work with us on their new vital strategy.
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